Medical Practice Valuation

Our Medical Practice Valuation Reports establish the basis for value in a solo or group practice with a wide range of applications including sale, merger, buy-ins, buy-outs, estate planning, and various types of litigation requiring the quantification of value in a medical practice. Our staff has performed over two thousand valuations on medical practices over the last thirty-seven years in over forty (40) states.

Intermediary Services (Practice Brokerage)

Our comprehensive Intermediary Services (practice brokerage and sale), as part of a physician’s exit strategy, allow doctors in solo or group practice to convert the hard-won equity in their practices into liquidity, which can then be diversified for purposes of retirement or investment. Most physicians choose to stay with their practice under a negotiated employment contract for a number of years after sale. All physicians over age fifty-five (55) should have an exit strategy to ensure that they can capture the full value of their medical practice before they begin to “wind down”. Our staff has facilitated the sale of hundreds of medical practices over the last thirty-seven years in over forty (40) states.

Practice Merger

Our comprehensive Merger Services assess all the relevant factors and considerations for each practice that will impact on the success of a proposed merger. These include the pre/post-merger legal and financial structures to the human resource issues, practice-culture issues, and EMR system compatibility. Using the full depth of our strategic and operational experience in conjunction with the practices’ accountants and attorneys, we are able to provide feasibility assessments and projections, identify potential issues and advise solutions, recommend governance structures, and lay out an efficient and effective plan for merger. Having performed basic mergers of solo practitioners and complex simultaneous mergers of multiple medical practices with over one hundred (100) physicians, our hands-on experience can both benefit and expedite the merger process.

Practice Aquisition

Our comprehensive Practice Acquisition Services provide a full canvass of the appropriate market to identify all potential candidates for acquisition, and confidentially negotiate the acquisition of the best-fit candidates. Our firm is uniquely situated to add value to this process given our in-house expertise in valuation, brokerage, and merger as well as our comprehensive knowledge of practice management and the physician manpower markets.

Practice Privatization

Our comprehensive Practice Privatization Services assess fair market value for hospital-owned medical practices, canvass for all potential acquisition candidates in the appropriate market, and confidentially negotiate with the best-fit candidates. Our process provides for the compliant divestment of hospital-owned practices taking into account all relevant federal and state statutes and regulations.