Physician Dispute Resolution Services

Proven methods for resolving contentious disputes between partners in a practice and between the practice and other practices or hospitals.

Physican Practice and Hospital Dispute Resolution

Our senior staff has developed and refined highly effective Dispute Resolution and Consensus Facilitation protocols based on thirty-plus years of experience in the governance, management, and finance of both physician practices, hospitals, and hospital systems. To resolve often contentious disputes between physicians practices and hospitals, we position ourselves as an active participant in the negotiations. In essence, we become an “advocate for the deal”. We believe it is never too late to reach a negotiated consensus, and avoid potentially costly and destructive litigation. So long as both sides acknowledge a preference for a negotiated consensus, our staff is uniquely situated to appreciate both sides of the arguments, and work towards a mutually beneficial resolution. We are often able to swiftly assess and cure much of the animosity, distrust, and/or organizational inertia that may obfuscate the mutual financial and organizational interests of the parties.

Physician Partner Dispute Resolution

In the often high-pressured environment of modern group medical practice, the myriad stresses placed on physicians can, without open communication and firm governance protocols, lead to a toxic practice environment. Ownership cohesion can further sour under pressure from constantly changing laws, the often predatory behaviors of hospital systems and managed care plans, and increased competition. These soured relations and smoldering disputes can significantly impact the efficient operation of a practice, and at worst, can cause the practice to break apart to the financial detriment of the physician owners. Our decades of experience in the governance and finance of group medical practice have allowed us to develop a unique, effective, and even-handed method for addressing these complex operational challenges. Having performed this service for both small and large groups, we proceed by immediately stabilizing the short-term operational issues, equitably resolving the substantive issues in dispute, and most importantly, constructing the necessary governance and communication protocols to avoid future escalations of similar disputes. If the amicable and profitable continuation of an existing group practice is unattainable after exhausting all reasonable attempts at reconciliation, our senior consultants can negotiate the separation of any number of physicians from the group, or structure its equitable dissolution and ease the transition of the former physician owners.