Our Medical Practice Transition Services Are Unique and Provide Great Value to Our Clients.

These include our Medical Practice Valuation, Sale and Merger Services. Our staff has completed many hundreds of Practice Valuations and Practice Sales of all practice types and sizes in fifty states.

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Charles R. Cimasi, MBA


Mr. Cimasi is an executive healthcare consultant with 40+ years of experience in practice management, valuation, brokerage, physician manpower management and recruitment, practice integration and merger, and revenue optimization. He and his companies have worked across all fifty states and abroad since 1978, and he brings a wealth of experience and perspective to each client project.

Paul J. Cavaretta

Senior Consultant for Practice Management

Mr. Cavaretta has 40 years of experience in medical practice management and consulting. He is an expert on revenue cycle management, analysis, and optimization.

Michael Charles Cimasi, Esq.

Senior Consultant

Mr. Cimasi has eight years of experience in healthcare management consulting, and several years of experience as a state benefits administrator. He is a skilled negotiator, and principally focuses on medical practice sales, dispute resolutions, strategic planning projects, and litigation support services.

Almarie Falbo, MBA

Senior Consultant

A business operations executive with extensive experience in identifying and reframing business and operational issues to develop strategies and benchmarks for targeted operational improvements and process automation. At Cynergy her skills are applied to practice acquisitions and mergers, practice management assessments, and practice integration efforts.

James Sinner, MHA, FACHE

Senior Consultant

Mr. Sinner has over 40 years of senior healthcare management experience, and over 20 years of experience as the CEO for hospital systems. He is also a licensed nursing home administrator. Mr. Sinner brings not only decades of executive experience at hospitals and nursing homes, but also expertise in physician relations, staff management, strategic planning, and financial management.

Thomas J. Nuttle, MBA, FACHE

Senior Consultant

A managed care industry expert, Mr. Nuttle has over 30 years collective experience in finance, provider relations and business development. He began his healthcare career in corporate finance before moving on to lead provider relations, communications and network management functions. Building and negotiating the full range of fee-for-service and risk arrangements, he has consulted for dozens of provider and health plan clients both locally and nationally.

Patricia R. Fatta, MBA

Senior Consultant for Human Resource Management

Ms. Fatta has over 35 years of experience as a senior human resource manager for healthcare organizations, and as a consultant for medical practices, hospitals, and human services organizations.

Mary E. Varnum, MT (ASCP), NYS CLT

Senior Consultant for Lab Consulting & Management

Ms. Varnum, a certified Medical Technologist, has over 20 years of experience in medical laboratory management. She is experienced with the planning, start-up, and development of sophisticated laboratory facilities including the effective marketing and growth of new services.

Sherry A. Wolffer

Consultant for Practice Management

Ms. Wolffer has over 20 years of experience managing specialty and sub-specialty medical practices with a primary focus on ophthalmology. She has a successful track record in building and developing practices, as well as turning-around troubled practices. Her primary skill sets include strategic planning, project management, operations management, staff development, and physician relations.

Donna Wypych, MHA, BS, AAS

Senior Consultant

Ms. Wypych has over 25 years of experience in managing healthcare operations, particularly in the areas of finance and human resources. Her expertise includes revenue cycle management, billing, collection, A/R, A/P, and risk assessment. She also has a proven track record in developing and implementing federal and state compliance training.